Getting Started
Are you new to COL?

Welcome to Colorado Online Learning! COL courses can be done at home or at school. Your school district will provide a site coordinator who will help you enroll, and help you throughout the course. COL staff will also be available to help you. They will maintain personal contact with your site coordinators and teachers, and your teachers will be in contact with you and your parents. You are responsible for your computer and internet connection, unless you will work on the course at only school. In most cases, your district or school will cover the course fees, but make sure to check in with your school counselor or administrator for approval to enroll, assistance with enrollment, and confirmation of the payment policy.

If you are NEW to COL , it is a good idea to take the "Is Online Learning Right for Me?" survey. This survey is just to help you gauge whether you are a good candidate for online learning. It is for your personal information only.

Ready to take a course?

If you are ready to become a COL student:

  • Go to the Course list to find the courses you are interested in taking
  • Contact your school conselor to let them know you are interested a COL course
  • Tell your school counselor to contact us!
  • Click here to for a step-by-step guide to create your account and enroll.
  • Follow the prompts to create your acccount and enroll in courses.

Remember, talk to your counselor or site coordinator first because they will have to approve you.

Returning Students

If you've taken a course with COL before, visit the Returning Students section for information about registering for a course.